Kansai Thru Pass

This ticket enables you to ride on subways, private railways and buses throughout the Kansai district. As well as enabling you to tour Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto, it lets you visit Nara, Wakayama and Koyasan. Purchasing the economical KANSAI THRU PASS that comes in 3-day, will let you enjoy a more value-for-money holiday.

The Pass can be used on non-consecutive days during its period of validity (example: Mon, Wed and Fri in the case of a 3-day ticket)

*One day is counted as the duration from the first train to the last train in a day. (Not 24 hours from the time when you purchase it.)

About Kansai Thru Pass:

  • From Kyoto to Osaka, Kobe, Mt. Hiei and Himeji. Get on and off the train or bus bound for Wakayama, Nara and Koyasan as you like during the period of validity (Excluding JR lines. Check the map for the available trains and buses).
  • You can use the train or bus without going through the troublesome task of checking the complicated rate table to buy tickets and you won’t need to buy another ticket every time you make connections.
  • You can benefit from complimentary discount promotions at 280 major tourist facilities along the railway lines.
  • It can be used from Kansai Airport Station on the Nankai Train after arriving at Kansai International Airport
    (The Express Rapi:t requires additional tariff).

Adult (13+): MYR 205       Child (6 – 12): MYR 105
*Now – May 2020

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Come to our branch to purchase tickets

AMODA        From 09:00am-05:30pm weekdays
KLCC           From 10:00am-08:30pm daily*
AEON MALL From 10:00am-10:00pm daily*(including public holiday)*
➊ Tickets are subject to availability. Child ticket is not available for purchase.
➋ The ticket is for one person only.
➌ Tickets will not be reissued when lost. Tickets will not be refunded for suspended services by a transportation company once the ticket has been used.
➍ If the ticket is used illegally, it will be invalidated and collected, and additional fare will be charged, according to the regulations of each transportation company.
➎ When using the reserved seat express train of the Nankai Electric Railway or Kinki Nippon Railway, please purchase a separate express ticket, special coach ticket and/or reserved seat ticket. Separate fare will be required for journeys outside the valid zone. Please inquire the station staff.
* Please be advised that you may be required to present the back of your ticket on routes operated by some transportation companies.