2-Day 1-Night Ginzan Onsen & Yama-dera Risshaku-ji Tour


Ginzan Onsen & Yama-dera Risshaku-ji Tour

Let’s visit one of the most enchanting and gorgeous onsen towns in Japan that seems like something straight out of a Studio Ghibli film.

Located in the mountains of Yamagata prefecture, Ginzan Onsen is dubbed as “Japan’s most charming winter village” by CNN. The historic town is lined with traditional ryokans which exude nothing but captivating elegance and nostalgic feelings.

Enjoy a peaceful experience at this secluded hot spring town via our tour which also includes a visit to Yama-dera, formally known as Risshaku-ji Temple, a scenic mountain temple in Yamagata prefecture.

Tour length
1 Day
Tour guide
Experienced Guide
From JPY 27,700 /pax

Day 1 xxD

Tokyo/Yamagata - Ginzan Onsen


Plan 1: From Tokyo

1000-1200            – Pick up at Tokyo or Ueno station

1310-1500            – Change at Oishida station
Travel on your own to Ginzanso, Check-in at ryokan, Enjoy free time


Plan 2: From Yamagata

1500-1900            – Check-in at Ginzanso
Travel on your own to Ginzanso, Check-in at ryokan, Enjoy free time


Day 2 Bxx

Ginzan Onsen - Yamadera - Yamagata/Tokyo


Plan 1: From Tokyo

1000                       – Check out from Ginzanso

1130                       – Yama-dera (Free time sightseeing)

– Yamadera station

1700-1810            – Drop off at Yamagata station

1940-2050            – Change to Tokyo or Ueno station



Plan 2: From Yamagata

1000                       – Check out from Ginzanso

1130                       – Yama-dera (Free time sightseeing)


Adult: From 48,000 yen /pax

Child:  From 40,200 yen /pax



Adult: From 27,700 yen /pax

Child:  From 27,700 yen /pax


  • The tour includes accommodation charges, 1 breakfast, 1 dinner, taxi fare for Day 2, Risshaku-ji Temple admission fee, Shinkansen (for Tokyo Departure only)
  • Only fees for transportation specifically listed in the itinerary will be covered. All other transportation fees will be paid for by the participant.
  • Please note that tours will not be operated on hotel blackout dates.
  • On Day 2, a taxi driver will accompany tour participants during transportation, but speaks Japanese only.
  • Please note that the arrival time (s) may be delayed and the order of the itinerary may be changed depending on traffic and weather conditions.
  • The taxi will be used on Day 2 to travel from the ryokan to Yama-dera. After alighting from here, customers can enjoy free time sightseeing. After sightseeing, please head to your next destination on your own.
  • Transportation from Yamadera station to Yamagata station is not included in the tour booking charge. Please pay the required charges at the location on your own.
  • Suitcases and other large pieces of luggage cannot be brought onto the taxi. Please store luggage before departing Tokyo, and keep your belongings to a minimum.