Battleship Island Gunkanjima Cruise & Landing


Battleship Island Gunkanjima Cruise & Landing

Take a cruise to World Heritage Site of the “Meiji Industrial Revolution”, Gunkanjima also known as Battleship Island – an abandoned offshore mining facility famed for its battleship-like silhouette.

Departing from Nagasaki Port, the tour will be accompanied by either English or Chinese-speaking guide, taking you to see the marvelous views of the structures within the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries shipyard, Glover Garden, and other World Heritage component sites.

Tour length
1 Day
Gunkanjima Island, Nagasaki
Tour guide
Experienced Guide (English or Chinese-speaking)
From JPY 4,200 /pax

Day 1 xxx

Nagasaki - Gunkanjima - Nagasaki

0900 Departure

0850-0900 Reception at Nagasaki Port Terminal

0900-0950 Depart from Nagasaki Port Terminal

0950-1050 Gunkanjima

1100-1130 Arrive at Nagasaki Port Terminal


1300 Departure

1250-1300 Reception at Nagasaki Port Terminal

1300-1350 Depart from Nagasaki Port Terminal

1350-1450 Gunkanjima

1500-1530 Arrive at Nagasaki Port Terminal

Adult (12+ years)
From JPY 4,200
Child (6-11 years)
From JPY 2,100


  • At reception, please show a printed copy of the reservation confirmation sheet or a printout of the reservation confirmation e-mail. Simply showing the confirmation on a mobile device screen will not be accepted.
  • To land on the island, a Nagasaki City Facility Use Charge (JPY 310 for adults and JPY 150 for children) will be required separately. Please pay in cash at reception.
  • All participants are required to submit a Statement of Consent form (consent letter from parent or guardian for children under 12 years of age) on the day. The form will be handed out at reception. Please sign it and submit it to the staff.
  • The Statement of Consent can be found at the Yamasa Shipping website ( For a speedier process, you may print it out in advance, sign it, and submit it at reception.
  • Depending on weather conditions or conducting company circumstances, certain tour dates may be canceled, or tour operation may cease entirely. A full refund will be issued if the cruise is canceled on the day.
  • If after setting sail the itinerary is changed to a cruise around the island with no landing, participants will be refunded JPY 500/adult and JPY 300/child on site. Also, the Nagasaki City Facility Use Charge paid at reception will be refunded in full in either of the above cases.
  • After landing, please follow the instructions of the staff. There is a limit to the time spent on the island, so everyone will move as a group.
  • For safety reasons, children under 6 years of age are not permitted on this tour.