Top 3 rare souvenirs in Tokyo station

1. Limited-edition souvernirs

From famous patisserie shops and long-established shops gathered in Tokyo Station, we bring you the most popular limited Station souvenirs. Because of the fierce competition between the shops, these products, with the finest taste and packaging, are the perfect gifts!

Chocolate Collection ¥411 for 1 box

The most popular Tokyo Station Limited Edition sweets!

Different ingredients are paired with a complementary chocolate coating to make this “Chocolate Collection”, a Tokyo Station Limited Edition Goods.

Chocolate Collection

Store: Marche du Chocolat
Location: Shop no.60, GRANSTA (Tokyo station B1F) inside the station gates

Matcha parfait anmitsu ¥540 for 1

The sweet created by the dream collaboration, only available here!

A collaboration between two popular items from kyo hayashiya’s café – Matcha café and matcha anmitsu.

Matcha parfait anmitsu

Location: GRANSTA (Tokyo station B1F) inside the station gates

Original Assortment ¥1944 (1 box)

You can try many different flavours at one go

A single serving of six popular cheesecakes in one box.

Original Assortment Cheese

Store: FORMA
Location: Shop no.18, GRANSTA (Tokyo station B1F) inside the station gates

Suzumonaka ¥1030 for 1 box

It’s so cute because it’s modeled after the symbol of Tokyo Station

Made in the shape of Tokyo Station’s symbol, the “Silver Bell”, this bean-filled jam wafer is filled with anko paste and gyuhi mochi.


Store: Motomachi Kouroan
Location: Shop no.11, GRANSTA (Tokyo station B1F) inside the station gates

2. Unique Train Bentos Tokyo Station, Marunouchi’s, inside the station gates

Ekiben (Train Bentos) are an indispensable part of any journey. In Tokyo Station, famous ekiben from all across the country, as well as Tokyo Station Limited Edition bentos and ekiben of the fi nest quality have been gathered in one place. From the two ekiben shops that are bustling with people day in day out, we introduce the most interesting ekiben.

Popular Rice ¥1000

The octopus trap style earthenware container is a feature

Braised octopus, boiled eel and others are generously placed on top of ricked cooked with their homemade soup.


Daruma Bento ¥1000

The specialty of Gunma・Takasaki, “Engi Daruma” is made into a bento

Braised mountain mushrooms, bamboo, mountain burdock are placed on top of tea rice. This box can be used as a moneybox.


Shinkansen E7 series Hokuriku bento ¥1300

The E7 series shinkansen, popular with both children and adults

Packaged in the shape of the Hokuriku Shinkansen, which started running on 14th March 2015, this bento has onigiri, Japanese-style fried chicken, French fries and other items, which will delight children.


3. Tokyo Station Ikaruga ramen in Tokyo Ramen Street

With “The first restaurant in Tokyo I want to eat at” as the concept, 8 ramen restaurants so popular that queues will form have been gathered. Among them, I taste tested the Tokyo Station Limited Edition ramen from “Tokyo Station Ikaruga”.

Tokyo Station Ramen ¥1000

The taste of the soup is very strong when you drink it, but the aftertaste is light, which makes for the perfect balance!


Three Cheese Mixed Soba ¥880 *Only served between 14:00 to 22:00

The taste of the soup is very strong when you drink it, but the aftertaste is light, which makes for the perfect balance!



Location: Basement 1st Floor First Avenue Tokyo Station. Right outside the basement central exit ticket gate of JR Tokyo Station Yaesu
Opening hours: 10 am – 11 pm

First, I mixed the cheese and noodles, and then ate it … the rich taste and fragrance of the cheese filled my mouth! In addition, the raw egg added richness, while the vinegar made it lighter, and I couldn’t stop eating! This has got to be an innovation in the ramen world.

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