Ginza Kabukiza experience

What kind of place is Kabukiza ?


The Kabukiza was opened in the 22nd year of the Meiji era (1889) and was the only Kabuki specialized theater in the world. It was designed for audiences to view the Kabuki show in an optimal condition. Throughout its 120 years history, the Kabukiza has been rebuilt various times and during the renovation in April 2013 for its 5th makeover, a high tower was built as well. You can also find a gallery and restaurants within the building.

How to go about your first Kabuki experience

Explore levels 1-3 thouroughly

Most performances are on the matinee and evening shows and the plays are changed monthly. The intermission time for each act last tens of minutes. For details, please check out the official website Kabukiza bito


Enjoy your first Kabuki experience with ease at the Single Act seats on level 4

‘Single act view’ (Hitomaku-mi) refers to viewing only one act of the Kabuki play. You can also enjoy the performance at the price of ¥ 1,000 -2,000. Please check the official homepage of Kabukiza for ticketing information.


Requires: 5 hours
Entrance fee: Depends on performance and seat category (First class / Second class, Level 3 Tier A/B, Box seat)

Ginza Kabukiza building

Rooftop garden Level 5

Garden of the rooftop of Kabukiza

A 400sqm circuit style garden built on the rooftop. You can also experience the history of Kabuki with the Mokuami stone lantern and ridge-end tile from the 4th generation Kabukiza building.

Admission fee: Free entry
Opening hours: Daily , from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm

Rooftop gardenRooftop garden

Kabukiza Gallery Level 5

Every year, an exhibition is held 2-4 times a year according to the seasons, with the aim of conveying the charms of Kabuki. Costumes and small props that were actually used in the Kabuki shows are on display.

Admission fee: ¥ 600
Opening hours: 10.00am – 6.00pm (last entry at 5.30pm)
Closed: During display replacement period

Kabukiza Gallery

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