4 tips to enjoy the Classic Counter Sushi

Counter dining: the classic sushi experience. Enjoy the atmosphere with these basic tips!

There are two areas to sit.

Counter seats

Counter seat Counter seat 3
Counter seat sashimiCounter seat wasabi

Table seating

table seats
Table seating is also available at many restaurants for those eating in a group or who find the counter a little intimidating.

Try the set menu.

A nigiri-zushi set.

set menu

If you are unsure of what to order, a set menu is a great place to start as it provides a variety of standard sushi selections. You can always order more of what you like.

A chirashi-zushi.


This filling and eye-appealing sushi creation contains a wide variety of seafood served on a bed of rice flavored with sweet vinegar.


Spread wasabi to taste.


Pick up with chopsticks.

soy sauce

Dip in soy sauce. Rice is underneath.

Green tea

Green tea, which is called agari, goes great with miso soup.

Omakase: Leave it in the chef ’s hands.Must-TRY

If you are looking to enjoy the freshest fish or try something seasonal, leave it up to the chef, who knows what’s best.

kinds of sushi

At the counter.

At the counter.

Soy sauce

Soy sauce brushed on.

It’s finger food!

It’s finger food!


Use fingers for gari too.

Must-try side dishes Must-TRY

Sashimi (Otsukuri)

 Sashimi .

Along with sushi, shops also provide sashimi and other types of fresh and delicious seafood.

Grilled eel (Shirayaki)

 Grilled eel

Grilled without sauce is a popular way to enjoy the Japanese delicacy of conger eel.

Grilled egg (Tamagoyaki)

Grilled egg

A sushi standard, this rich dish is made with sweetened eggs mixed with fish stock.

Sushi rolls (Makimono)

Sushi rolls

Rolls provide a different experience. They are easy to share and come with a wide variety of fillings.