10 must-try savoury food around to Tokyo (Part 2)

6. Tendon Asakusa

Most popular dish is the prawn tempura, which is fried only in sesame oil, and has had the same sweet and spicy taste from the sauce since it was created.


Prawn Tempura Don ¥1950
4 prawns, which are bigger than the bowl, are lined on top of rice, creating a dish with a lot of volume.

Daikokuyatenpura 大黒家天麩羅  

Location 1-38-10, Asakusa, Taito Ward
How-to-go 3 min walk from exit number 6 of Asakusa station
opening-hours 11 am – 8.30 pm (Sat & Holidays -9 pm)
Closed No holiday

Waiting Time
Weekdays: 10~20 min
Weekends: 30 min
Ideal Time
Weekdays: 2 pm
Insider tip: The end of the queue is around the corner. It’s better to avoid the lunch rush.
Daikokuyatenpura  大黒家天麩羅

7. JUMBO Melonpan Asakusa

The baked melon pan that always sells out !

JUMBO Melonpan

Extremely famous melon pan was created by the shop owner. The bread ferment for 3 hours before baking, which is two to three times longer than the average time, which means that the bread rises to about 10 times its original size.

Price: 1 for ¥200

Waiting Time
Weekdays: 10~15 min
Weekends: 30~40 min

On rest days, the queue is so long you can’t see the shop.



9. Tsukemen (Noodles with dipping soup) Shinjuku

Fuunji 風雲児

Whole chickens, chicken bones, dried bonito fish from Kochi prefecture and round herring fish from Ehime prefecture their special soup to go with the noodles. This noodle dish with dipping soup is their signature dish (¥ 800). Medium-thick straight noodles made upon the restaurant’s special order go well with this soup!
The restaurant’s medium-thick straight noodles made from flour produced in Japan, which is made upon the restaurant’s special order, is so tasty that you can enjoy it even without the soup.

Fuunji 風雲児 JPY 800

All 15 seats are at the counter, so everyone gets to see the kitchen.
Location Shibuya-ku Yoyogi 2-14-3 Level 1
How-to-go Five-min walk from JR Shinjuku Station South Exit
opening-hours 11 am – 3 pm (Closed once the soup runs out)
Closed Sundays and holidays.

Waiting Time
Around noon on Saturdays: 20~30 min
Insider tip: Best time to go is around their opening hour and around 2.30 pm on business days
Fuunji 風雲児

10. All-you-can-eat Buffet Bakurocho

There are plenty of restaurants in Tokyo where you enjoy various eat-all-you-can buffets such as Indian curry, barbecue meat and sashimi. Here we introduce 1 shop which is the talk of town. Enjoy the delicacies to your heart’s content!

All-you-can-eat Buffet

An izakaya, or drinking house, serves fresh seafood from Tsukiji fish market. The main attractions are the lunch buffet that serves fresh sashimi, tuna, salmon etc.
Besides sashimi, there are also salad, side dishes, miso soup, rice and fruit punch which are all free-flow too. There is vinegar rice as well so feel free to make your own seafood rice bowl.

Osakana Honpo (Sashimi) Taiko Chaya おさかな本舗たいこ茶屋 Lunch Buffet From ¥1100

Time limit for lunch buffet: 60 min (11.30 am – 2 pm)
The restaurant has been used before as the setting for filming a drama
Location Chuo Ward, Nihonbashi, Bakurocho 2-3-2 B1F
How-to-go 1 min walk from exit C4 of JR Bakurocho Station
opening-hours 11.30 am ~ 2 pm, 5 pm ~ 10 pm for Last Order of food and ~10.30pm for Last Order of drinks
Closed Irregular holidays

Osakana Honpo (Sashimi) Taiko Chaya おさかな本舗たいこ茶屋

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