1 day itinerary ideas with 2 must-try dishes in Kumamoto

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Kumamon is the national character from Kumamoto. Find sights related to Kumamon in Kumamoto, the city in which he was born. Meet him at various locations such as Kumamon Square, a bar and a hotel.

Meet Kumamon in person at Kumamon Square

This is the official office base of Kumamon, who often travels at home and abroad. The sales managerʼs room is a popular destination for visitors and is open for them to take photographs, find original Kumamon goods and obtain information on Kumamon. You can also find here tourist information on Kumamoto and local products.


Birthday: 12 March (the same date as the official commencement of operation of the entire Kyushu bullet train line)
Occupation: Local government official (appointed as a sales manager by the governor)
Character: Naughty, and curious about everything

Kumamon square

Location Tetoria Kumamoto Building 1st floor, 8-2 Tetori Honcho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi
How-to-go A stone’s throw from Tram Suidoucho Station
opening-hours 10 am-7 pm
Closed No holidays

Stroll around Kumamoto Castle The Symbol of Kumamoto

The bulk of this castle was built at the beginning of the 17th century by feudal lord Kato Kiyomasa. It is extremely popular among castle buffs. The gorgeous Honmaru Palace has been reconstructed using traditional craftsmanship.
Kumamon square
Kato Kiyomasa, a military commander, made Kumamoto his main base as Domain lord and completed his expansion of the castle in 1607. He was later deprived of his status and forfeited his territory as a punishment by the Shogunate government, following which the Hosokawa clan took over the territory and occupied the castle for about 240 years till 1871. The castle is one of the 3 great castles in Japan, the others being Nagoya Castle and Osaka Castle.

Kumamoto castle

Uto Yagura Turret

This turret was built 400 years ago and is designated as a National Important Cultural Property. It comprises 5 storeys and a basement. It is an impressive 19 metres tall and is regarded as one of the three best castle towers in Japan. Come in and have a look!

Enjoy the popular taste of Kumamoto Ramen Around Kumamoto castle

Must eat !

The main components of Kumamoto ramen are a white, pork-bone -based soup, roasted garlic chips and medium thick noodles. Ramen became popular in Kumamoto City at the beginning of the 1950s. Since then numerous chefs have created their own distinct ramens and even developed new cooking methods for the garlic chips.

Kumamoto ramen

Special char siew ramen (noodles with roasted pork fillets) ¥ 1,030
The 1cm-thick pork fillets are surprisingly tender.

The first shop to produce Kumamoto ramen, which it then promoted throughout the country. The pork-bone soup with chicken bones and vegetables has a mild and rich taste. The ramen with special roasted pork fillets and reduced fat is the most popular item in this shop.

Komurasaki Honten

Location 3-33 Kamibayashi-machi, Chuo-ku Kumamotoshi
How-to-go 8 min walk from the tram, Torichosuji Station
opening-hours 11 am – 7:10 pm (Last order)
Closed Tue (the following day if it is a public holiday)

Komurasaki Honten

Taste Horse-meat dishes Around Shimodori

Horse-meat and ramen are well-known Kumamoto specialities. Some Japanese believe that horse-meat will enhance a woman’s health and beauty. Pork bones have long been synonymous with ramen soup, but bones of other animals are gaining popularity.
Horse-meat consumption in Japan was started at the end of the 16th century by military commander Kiyomasa Kato. The culture continues and Kumamoto Prefecture is now the top horse-meat consumer in Japan. The meat is high in protein but low in calories and cholesterol making it a popular choice among women concerned about their beauty.


Special horse-meat sashimi ¥ 1,030 (picture shows serving for 2)
Enjoy the high-quality meat of this lavish meal. The meat is thick and smooth, with a sweetness that spreads throughout your mouth with each bite.

This horse-meat specialist restaurant has been in business for 41 years and serves even unusual horse parts such as heart, aorta and lung. In addition to its famous horse-meat sashimi and grill, there are also fried and boiled dishes. If you are lucky, the chef may serve you dishes you can’t find on the menu.

Mutsugoro Horse-meat Restaurant

41 years of experience serving horse-meat dishes
Location 12-11, Hanabatakecho, Chuou-ku, Kumamoto-shi
How-to-go 2 min walk from Tram, Hanabatakecho Station
opening-hours 5 pm – midnight
Closed Sun (open Sun if Mon is a public holiday, but then closed on Mon)


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