Fuji’s Best Autumn Leaf Spots Tour plus All-you-can-eat Grape Picking


Fuji's Best Autumn Leaf Spots Tour plus All-you-can-eat Grape Picking

This bus tour takes participants to four sightseeing spots around Mt. Fuji for a special price. The tour is accompanied by a National Government Licensed English Guide Interpreter for the entire itinerary. Enjoy seeing the vivid hues of autumn leaves along with Mt. Fuji, a World Heritage Site.

Take a walk through a captivating tunnel created by towering maple trees with Mt. Fuji in the background, a spectacular sight you don’t want to miss! Hop aboard the ropeway and take in the awe-inspiring scenery of Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi bordered by colorful autumn leaves.

At Korogaki no Sato, see numerous persimmons being hung to dry outside the village houses. Lay your eyes on a unique sight as curtains of bright orange persimmons strung like beads are hung out to dry under the sun.

Enjoy picking delicious grapes in Yamanashi Prefecture, the Fruit Kingdom of Japan. This is the only time of the year when grape-picking can be enjoyed!

For lunch, enjoy a beef sukiyaki and crab hoto hot pot set meal.

Tour length
1 Day Tour
Tour guide
Experienced Guide
Frm JPY 11,700

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0805 – 0815 Meet up at Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo Main Tower 3F JTB Sunrise Tours Sales Office

1015 – 1055

Mt Fuji Panoramic Ropeway

Enjoy the panoramic views of the Kawaguchiko lake and Mount Fuji from an observation deck that sits more than 1000 meters above sea level at the peak of Mt Tenno. With JTB, you would be able to ride the Mt Fuji panoramic ropeway up the mountain and strolling around the area for approximately 40 minutes while enjoying the autumn foliage with Mt Fuji’s view.


1105 – 1145

Lake Kawaguchi Maple Corridor

Enjoy the sea of red leaves in Japan at one of the most popular spots during Autumn which is the Lake Kawaguchi Maple Corridor or Momiji Kairou (red leaves). Making it the best destination to see both Mount Fuji and red leaves.

Enjoy strolling around the area for approximately 40 minutes while enjoying the grandeur of maple corridor.

1300 – 1350

Worry not as lunch is provided! Indulge the authentic Japanese Sukiyaki Set Meal that comes together with this tour.


1400 – 1430

Korogaki no Sato

After lunch, head to the next stop in the city of Eizan. Stroll for another 30 minutes around the Village of Dried Persimmons, Korogaki no Sato. Witness the persimmons strung together like beads and hung like a curtain as they dry in the sun. As autumn progresses and winter draws closer, shipments of dried persimmons begin and the number of dried persimmon huts decrease. Hence, making it the best time to visit this village.


1520 – 1600

Grape picking

Our last stop shall be the grape picking. From Mount Fuji to fruits with this tours. Enjoy grape picking at this kingdom of fruits. The fruits tastes even better when eaten while admiring the view of the magnificent mountains and stunning autumn foliage.


1800 – 1830

Drop off near Shinjuku Station West Exit

1 Day Tour
From Frm JPY 11,700


  • No show/Cancellation after the tour has left – 100% cancellation charges
  • from 7 Days before the tour/plan to the day of the tour (before the tour starts) – JPY 100 cancellation charges