7D5N Enjoy Northern Kyushu


Japanese Set
Hakata Ramen Set
Jigoku Mushi Meal


Beppu : Hotel Beppu Pastoral or similar
Kumamoto : KKR Kumamoto Hotel or similar
Nagasaki : Marine World Hotel or similar
Fukuoka : Next Hotel Hakata or similar

Price (MYR)

Adult (12+)
Child with bed (6 - 11)
Child no bed (5 years and below)
19 - 25 Mar 2019
RM 5,288
RM 5,288
RM 4,759
23 - 29 Mar 2019
RM 5,588
RM 5,588
RM 5,029
20 - 26 Mar 2019
RM 5,388
RM 5,388
RM 4,849
31 May - 15 Jun 2019
RM 5,588
RM 5,588
RM 5,029


Kuala Lumpur - Fukuoka Airport
Meal On Board

Gather at airport, then depart to Kyushu, Fukuoka Airport.

Fukuoka Airport - Hita - Beppu
Lunch | Dinner

•Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine
Largest Shinto shrine in Fukuoka. Here you will find both a peaceful and lively atmosphere.

•Hita Mameda Old Town
A well preserved Tenryo period town that will remind you of old Kyoto.

•Kokonoe Suspension Bridge
(Included Entrance Ticket)
The tallest suspension bridge in Japan.From the center of the bridge,you can see two waterfalls.

•Yufuin Yunotsubo Street
Here filled with a variety of shops which sell Yufuin & Oita specialty products,food,souvenirs,etc.

•Beppu Umi Jigoku
(Included Entrance Ticket)
One of the more beautiful hells,the “sea hell” features a pond of boiling, blue water.

Beppu - Takachiho - Aso - Kumamoto
Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

•Harajiri Waterfall
Boasting a width of 120m at a height of 20m, this is a rare falls said to have suddenly been formed due to a large volcanic flow caused by the eruption of Mount Aso.

•Takachiho Gorge
Viewed from the green-tinged river surface, the gorge is a truly awesome sight.

•Aso Daikanbo
The prime viewpoint of Aso, from here dramatic 360 degree views reveal the panoramic expanse of the whole caldera and the rolling grasslands behind.

•Shimotori Arcade
This gigantic commercial arcade comes with shops specializing in fashion, general goods,cuisine,etc.

Kumamoto - Nagasaki
Breakfast | Lunch

•Nagasaki Peace Memorial Park
(Included Entrance Ticket)
Built to commemorate the atomic bombing of Nagasaki City on 9th August 1945.

•Megane Bridge
It was originally built in 1634,and was Japan’s oldest stone bridge.

•Oura Church
First constructed in 1863 and it’s said to be the oldest church in Japan.

•Nagasaki Night View
Nagasaki’s night view is stunning. Homes and city lights populate the slopes, their lights mingling with the twinkling stars in the sky.

Nagasaki - Shimabara - Saga - Fukuoka
Breakfast | Lunch

•Dolphin watching Cruise
(Included Entrance Ticket)
You will see the wild Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins jump out of the sea,catch the fish, and swim alongside the ship.

•Shopping @Tosu Outlet Mall

•Fukuoka Tower (No Entry)
With the high 234 meters,it is the highest seaside tower in Japan.


•Free and Easy
Half day walking tour with tour guide in Fukuoka town area.

Fukuoka - Fukuoka Airport
Breakfast | Meal On Board

After breakfast, transfer to airport. It is the end of a pleasant and memorable trip!


1. Package included return Air Asia ticket, tour as per itinerary & tipping. (EX KUL)
2. Flight schedule, sequence of itinerary, hotel, meals arrangement are subject to change without prior notice
3. By D7 with return baggage 20KG + 1 meal per way.
4. Group size 20 + 1 TM ( Tour guide cum tour leader).